About me

September 11, 2016

About Daniel

Hi! Welcome to my blog page 🙂

i pastor The Promise Church of Houston in the city i was born and raised in. i Love Jesus my God and i love His creation. i see things a little differently than the norm so i felt that having a blog would help me to share with others what i believe God is showing me.

Some of my stuff will be spiritual, some of it whimsical, and some of it radical. i love people and so i want to write form a perspective of love though that may sometimes be tough but hopefully always genuine love.

As i am currently a seminarian, some of my writings may have a bit of an academic bent but i hope to always be plain enough to be understood.

i have studied at Middlebury College, Southern Methodist University, The University of Texas at Arlington, Texas Bible CollegeThe Urshan Graduate School of Theology, and The Houston Graduate School of Theology.

i have been a teacher in the public school system, charter schools, private schools, as well as various colleges.

My burden is to reach humanity with the love of Divinity and help them on the journey to Eternity…